From Start to Finish: Getting the Job Done.
It's important to us that we do our part to get the cabinetry project completed in a timely manner. From the very beginning, we establish clear communication about product lead times so the builder can plan correctly for the timely arrival of the cabinets.
Visiting the job site is one of the ways we keep a job on track. There are multiple site visits prior to ordering, at which time the rough framing should be in place as well as the plumbing and electrical. Because we can't change the cabinet order after the order is placed, its good for us to see where the plumbing and electrical are laid out in case there is a discrepancy between cabinet and appliance placement and the placement of the plumbing and electrical. This early in the process, its much easier to either change the cabinet plan a bit or move the electrical or plumbing than it is once the cabinets have arrived and the drywall and paint are finished. (Less expensive too!)

We strive to give clear communication regarding what our lead time is and keep in contact with the builder. We know cabinets that arrive before they are needed and stored on a jobsite can get damaged, so we watch the timing.
After the cabinets arrive, its time for installation. We have a few installers that we recommend, if a client doesn't already have an installer in mind. Since these installers have worked with us on previous jobs, they know our cabinet lines and they know what to expect on the jobsite as well as what we expect of them. Since we cannot be on-site with the installer every day, we encourage any installer to call us with the smallest of questions just to ensure there are no mistakes. We will come out as many times as necessary to make sure the project proceeds smoothly.

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